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Town of Pelham,
Pelham, New York

9-11 Memorial - Harmon Park

Eberlin and Eberlin was asked to design a memorial to commemorate the ten (10) residents from Pelham, New York who lost their lives in the terrorist attack on 11 September 2001.

The ten names were carved into ten granite memorial seat benches surrounding a contemplative oval space.
The focal piece of the memorial is a sloped granite memorial wall which serves as a backdrop to the contemplative oval. Along with the seat benches, the wall defines the main space of the memorial.

One lone flowering Dogwood tree is located in the oval as a symbolic memorial tree representing that beauty can still remain throughout the sorrow.

Three meandering walkways, as well as the planting, leading to the contemplative oval represent the different paths people may take to deal with their grief. The differences in length and routes of the walkways as well as the variety of the plants further define the forever changing journey that one takes through grief.

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