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New 400 Meter Track and Field Facility,
Portchester, New York

Portchester High School

Eberlin & Eberlin was hired by the Portchester School District to reconstruct an existing 400 yard cinder track and restore the natural turf football field.
A new synthetic track comprised of polyurethane based rubber material was selected as the most cost effective and long lasting system.
The track was edged with a state of the art perimeter drainage system which eliminated all drainage inlets within the turfed football field providing full use of the field for both football and soccer play.
The school selected a standard red structural spray coating and white lines to complete the track installation.
The field utilizes an automatic lawn irrigation system to help maintain the field by providing the correct amount of water during the growing season.

The project began after June graduation ceremonies were held on the field and the track was ready for use in September. The athletic field was only used for limited play during the first year or the turf grow-in period.

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