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New Athletic Field Facility,
White Plains, New York

Stepinac High School

Eberlin & Eberlin was called in to assist the Contractor to create a new play field at Arch Bishop Stepinac High School. This resulted in a 2 stage project that took place over a span of eight (8) years.

The first stage involved bringing in clean fill to expand the existing field to accommodate the construction of a new Baseball Diamond and Tennis Courts.
The project needed sediment and erosion controls as well as permanent water quality treatment as the site is a tributary to an important stream. The project was submitted to the NYSDEC for review prior to construction.
This stage was completed in the Summer of 2003 and fields and courts were opened for the September School year.

The second stage involved the installation of a synthetic playing surface, that includes a multipurpose sports field (football, soccer, lacrosse) and a baseball field, as well as all-weather running surfacing on a portion of the existing 400 meter track. This stage of the project was completed in October 2011 and the school began using it immediately.

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