Chappaqua Synthetic Turf Proposal
Jan 07,2006

Should a synthetic turf field be installed on the competition field at Greeley? This question was discussed extensively at the September 27th Board Hearing in the cafeteria at Seven Bridges Middle School.

Board President Janet Benton opened the meeting with a recap of the 2004 Turf Committee Report. Advantages of a synthetic surface include longer playing sea-sons, uniform field conditions, and reduced maintenance requirements. Benton noted that numerous districts in Westchester County have installed turf fields in recent years.

The proposed scope of work and project budget were presented by Erik A. Kaeyer, of KG&D Architects, and Ronald C. Tetelman, a landscape architect with Eberlin & Eberlin. Based on the direct costs - preparation work, drainage system upgrades, field equipment (goal posts and safety netting), surface installation, landscaping - and related project costs, Kaeyer and Tetelman estimate a total project cost of $1.4 million. The turf surface is expected to last eight to ten years, with a replacement cost of approximately $300,000 in today's dollars. Community members actively participated in the discussion period following the formal presentations. As this issue of News & Views goes to press, the Board has made no decision about whether to proceed with the project or what means of financing would be used if it chooses to proceed.

Below: BOE President Janet Benton reviews the turf proposal with Ronald C. Tetelman of landscape architecture firm Eberlin & Eberlin (L), and Erik A. Kaeyer, Vice President of KG&D Architecture (R).

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